Everything Ombre

Today I was stumbling through the Internet and as I was “surfing the web” I realized that the “ombre” style is popping up everywhere! This website caught my eye and motivated me for my first DIY project.

http://www.craftionary.net/2012/08/30-best-ombre-diy-projects.htmlI don’t know who thought of this trend, but it seems to be catching on very fast and making a big impact in the design world. The first time I heard of it was “ombre hair” and I ended up getting it done to my hair a while back. What I didn’t think about was adding it to home designs like pottery, furniture and even incorporating it into foods.

Recently I bought an old jewelry box from Value Village for $7. In order to modernizing it I was thinking of an ombre inspired paint job.


The first thing I did was remove the wind up music player in the back. Every time you opened any drawer, the music would start playing and I knew that it would get on my nerves very fast. Then I vacuumed out the inside and removed all hardware, even the hinges on the top.


Once everything was removed I gave it a light sanding just so the paint would last longer.


Instead of adding layer upon layer of paint, I decided to start with one layer of primer.

DIY project finish-9606

Finally the fun part! I painted the body of the box in Benjamin Moore OC-65/ Chantilly Lace. To create the ombre look I started with the darkest shade at the bottom which is 2041-40/ Juneau Spring, then 2041-50/ Sea Mist Green and the lightest on the top which is 2041-60/ Soft Mint. Once the paint finished drying, I cleaned and polished all the handles and hinges and put them back on.

DIY project jewelry-9653

With the new paint job, I think it looks much better than in the beginning. The colours give it a sophisticated and Marie Antoinette feel to it. Its amazing what a little bit of cleaning and paint can do!