Professor Plum, in the library with the candlestick.

A few weeks ago I received candleholders from a friend because they were trying to make room for their move. They were very nice and tall but didn’t seem to fit in with my home decor. So with the help of my sister we started to brainstorm ideas on how we could improve these candleholders. We ended up deciding on revamping them into an outdoor beach-style holder. With the use of a little twine and glass paint we turned our idea into reality.

DIY candle holder-9782

This is what they looked like before. Notice the 80’s home décor influence? Prior to starting, we lay down newspaper and washed the holders out.

DIY candle holder-9789

Since we were using a spray can of frosted glass paint we went outside for good ventilation. Home depot sells Rust-Oleum (frosted glass) we just followed the directions on the can and sprayed 2 coats on the top and bottom of the holders.

DIY candle holder-9792

We then let them dry for 15 minutes and while we waited we tried to make our heads stop spinning from the glass paint fumes. Note to self: next time, use a respirator.

DIY candle holder-9795

After they finished drying, we brushed Modge Podge on the stem of the holders and twisted the jute around it, which created a rustic beachy feel. It was easiest to apply the modge podge in two-inch sections, so that it wouldn’t dry out or get too messy.

DIY candle holder-9839

Here is the final product. I’m already excited for patio season so that we can try them out!


Everything Ombre

Today I was stumbling through the Internet and as I was “surfing the web” I realized that the “ombre” style is popping up everywhere! This website caught my eye and motivated me for my first DIY project. don’t know who thought of this trend, but it seems to be catching on very fast and making a big impact in the design world. The first time I heard of it was “ombre hair” and I ended up getting it done to my hair a while back. What I didn’t think about was adding it to home designs like pottery, furniture and even incorporating it into foods.

Recently I bought an old jewelry box from Value Village for $7. In order to modernizing it I was thinking of an ombre inspired paint job.


The first thing I did was remove the wind up music player in the back. Every time you opened any drawer, the music would start playing and I knew that it would get on my nerves very fast. Then I vacuumed out the inside and removed all hardware, even the hinges on the top.


Once everything was removed I gave it a light sanding just so the paint would last longer.


Instead of adding layer upon layer of paint, I decided to start with one layer of primer.

DIY project finish-9606

Finally the fun part! I painted the body of the box in Benjamin Moore OC-65/ Chantilly Lace. To create the ombre look I started with the darkest shade at the bottom which is 2041-40/ Juneau Spring, then 2041-50/ Sea Mist Green and the lightest on the top which is 2041-60/ Soft Mint. Once the paint finished drying, I cleaned and polished all the handles and hinges and put them back on.

DIY project jewelry-9653

With the new paint job, I think it looks much better than in the beginning. The colours give it a sophisticated and Marie Antoinette feel to it. Its amazing what a little bit of cleaning and paint can do!

Chalk it up!

I have been thinking about re-doing my room for the last couple of months. I’ve had the same colour scheme since I was in grade 9. At the moment I have cc-212/ Danse du Soleil on three walls, cc-64/ Bonaparte as an accent wall and light wood furniture. It’s time for sprucing up!

I have always wanted a chalkboard wall or even a small section of my wall to be a chalkboard, but since I don’t want to do something too extreme, I guess I can start out with the tired looking cork board that’s in my room and breathe some life into it.

DIY project-9380

First things first, I had to remove all the papers that were pinned onto it. Also, before I applied the chalkboard paint onto it, I wanted to clean it. That way I would be sure that no dust or anything else would interfere with the paint.

DIY project-9407

Once this was done I painted 2 layers of Benjamin Moore Latex Chalkboard paint onto it. I decided to paint the border too just to make it look complete.

Instead of having a plain chalkboard on my wall, I decided that adding a border to it would give it a nice effect. I looked around in many art and craft stores for picture frames that were large enough to fit around the chalkboard without spending a lot of money. When I couldn’t find any, I decided that maybe it would be easier and cheaper to just make my own out of window/door frames.

DIY project-9419

So as the paint was drying, I measured and cut the pieces at the right length. I then glued and stapled the frames together and “Tada!” my very own, custom picture frame.

DIY project frame-9642

Once the frame was strong enough to move, I nailed it to the board and painted it in Benjamin Moore 2041-40/ Juneau Spring.

I think that the old cork board really turned out nicely once it was transformed into a chalkboard. Its a lot more versatile, it really will motivate me to continue with the room makeover that I want.

After I finished this project, I started looking though Pinterest for more inspiration and I found lots of different and great ways to use chalkboard paint.