Professor Plum, in the library with the candlestick.

A few weeks ago I received candleholders from a friend because they were trying to make room for their move. They were very nice and tall but didn’t seem to fit in with my home decor. So with the help of my sister we started to brainstorm ideas on how we could improve these candleholders. We ended up deciding on revamping them into an outdoor beach-style holder. With the use of a little twine and glass paint we turned our idea into reality.

DIY candle holder-9782

This is what they looked like before. Notice the 80’s home décor influence? Prior to starting, we lay down newspaper and washed the holders out.

DIY candle holder-9789

Since we were using a spray can of frosted glass paint we went outside for good ventilation. Home depot sells Rust-Oleum (frosted glass) we just followed the directions on the can and sprayed 2 coats on the top and bottom of the holders.

DIY candle holder-9792

We then let them dry for 15 minutes and while we waited we tried to make our heads stop spinning from the glass paint fumes. Note to self: next time, use a respirator.

DIY candle holder-9795

After they finished drying, we brushed Modge Podge on the stem of the holders and twisted the jute around it, which created a rustic beachy feel. It was easiest to apply the modge podge in two-inch sections, so that it wouldn’t dry out or get too messy.

DIY candle holder-9839

Here is the final product. I’m already excited for patio season so that we can try them out!