Colouring outside the lines

During the summer I decided to do something fun and creative. On Pinterest I’ve seen lots of cool ways to use crayons for art. Not by colouring with them but by melting them! So i went out and bought myself a canvas board and a huge pack of wax crayons.

DIY project crayon-9628

This is the end result from my crayon adventure. Before the crayons came into play I chose a stencil I thought it suited it well. The melting wax reminded me of rain drops falling from the sky. I had seen many examples where others used different silhouettes and I thought that it added something unique to it. You can find some examples here. For the crayons I chose to use all the girly colours but also I added a bit of blue. If you want to use different hues of one colour, you may need to buy multiple crayon boxes; my jumbo box did not have enough of one colour to fill my canvas. Otherwise this project was pretty easy and straight forward.

DIY project crayon-9632

I secured the crayons at the top of my board by hot glueing them. There are different ways of doing this but this way worked well for me. Once the crayons were up, it was time for some heat. I had to try out two blowdryers before I found the one that was hot enough to melt the crayon wax. It was pretty much trial and error until I got the stream of wax to melt the way I wanted it to. It was slow going at first but after i got the hang of things it was pretty easy and soon it was finished.

So far its been hanging over my fireplace in our living room. I hope to move it into my room once I have finished my renovations. Always keep creating!