Counting Pennies

Recently here in Canada we have discontinued the penny. Which alright because now I wont have as much change in my wallet. The only draw back is that we have all of these pennies lying around the house. I could start the tedious task of counting/rolling them  OR I could create something new with them. So I started doing my research and I found really some cool drink-coaster ideas using resin. People not only use pennies for coaster but also candy hearts, sparkles, shells etc. This obviously inspired me to use pennies in my resin coasters.

DIY penny-9693What I needed:

Disposable cup, disposable spoon, pennies, resin, coaster molds, and Vaseline. I found everything I needed at Michaels.

DIY penny-9697I started out be coating the coaster molds with Vaseline so that the resin wouln’t stick to them. You can use mold release but Vaseline works just as well. I chose round molds, but when it comes to coaster shapes, the skies the limit. Then in a dixie cup I mixed up the resin, as per the instructions.

DIY penny-9700I then poured a small amount of resin into the mold and let it sit for a few minutes, so that it would thicken slightly. After that I randomly placed the pennies into the resin and then poured the rest of the resin on top.

DIY penny-9702Once I let the coasters sit for another 5-10 minutes I took a straw and blew on the resin in order to release the bubbles.

DIY penny-9711I also heard that “torching” also release the air bubbles, so I took my lighter and tried it out. Both methods seemed to work equally. Just choose whichever you’re more comfortable with.

DIY penny-9695Once I finished they had to sit for 24-48 hours to cure. This was the most frustrating part of the project. I wanted to use the final project right away!

DIY penny-9739Here is an example of my very first coaster attempt. Instead of using Vaseline to help remove the resin, I used Pam instead because I read that this could also work. Unfortunately the flour in the Pam created a milky film on the bottom of the coaster, which I did not enjoy. I also didn’t like the way I arranged the  pennies in the resin, it looked too uniform. That’s what DIY projects are all about, learning through trial and error. In the end I decided that haphazardly arranging the pennies would make for a better coaster design.

DIY penny-9737DIY penny-9731

In the end I think they turned out nicely and I am definitely going to make more for my coffee table. I also found other really cool penny ideas on pinterest, for those Canadians that need ideas how to recycle                 their pennies


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