Chalk it up!

I have been thinking about re-doing my room for the last couple of months. I’ve had the same colour scheme since I was in grade 9. At the moment I have cc-212/ Danse du Soleil on three walls, cc-64/ Bonaparte as an accent wall and light wood furniture. It’s time for sprucing up!

I have always wanted a chalkboard wall or even a small section of my wall to be a chalkboard, but since I don’t want to do something too extreme, I guess I can start out with the tired looking cork board that’s in my room and breathe some life into it.

DIY project-9380

First things first, I had to remove all the papers that were pinned onto it. Also, before I applied the chalkboard paint onto it, I wanted to clean it. That way I would be sure that no dust or anything else would interfere with the paint.

DIY project-9407

Once this was done I painted 2 layers of Benjamin Moore Latex Chalkboard paint onto it. I decided to paint the border too just to make it look complete.

Instead of having a plain chalkboard on my wall, I decided that adding a border to it would give it a nice effect. I looked around in many art and craft stores for picture frames that were large enough to fit around the chalkboard without spending a lot of money. When I couldn’t find any, I decided that maybe it would be easier and cheaper to just make my own out of window/door frames.

DIY project-9419

So as the paint was drying, I measured and cut the pieces at the right length. I then glued and stapled the frames together and “Tada!” my very own, custom picture frame.

DIY project frame-9642

Once the frame was strong enough to move, I nailed it to the board and painted it in Benjamin Moore 2041-40/ Juneau Spring.

I think that the old cork board really turned out nicely once it was transformed into a chalkboard. Its a lot more versatile, it really will motivate me to continue with the room makeover that I want.

After I finished this project, I started looking though Pinterest for more inspiration and I found lots of different and great ways to use chalkboard paint.


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